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Offline Poker vs. Online Poker: Pros & Cons

When it comes to playing poker on our computers and mobile devices, there are two large groups of applications. In the first group are the apps that require players to be online while playing, known as online poker apps. The second group is made of software that requires no internet connection once you're done with the download and installation, often referred to as offline poker apps. Both of these groups have certain advantages as well as disadvantages for the players. We'll now take a closer look into the poker offline vs. poker online argument to try and pinpoint these pros and cons. Clearly, the software from both these groups has its application, but depending on your particular goals, one is sometimes better suited than the other.

Online Poker Software: For Fun & Serious Players

Online poker software certainly represents a majority of all poker software out there. For the most part, these are online poker rooms and mobile apps allowing players to play against each other for real cash or play money. The real money software is represented by the likes of PokerStars, numerous Microgaming and iPoker rooms, and more. Although they allow some game types and formats to be played in the play money mode, these are oriented towards the real money play. As such, they cater more to experienced players or those who want to put some real money on the table to increase the excitement. There are also many online poker apps geared towards the social aspect of the game. These usually don’t require any real money deposits, but players can often make in-app purchases to get more play chips or certain special items, giving them an advantage over non-paying customers.

Offline Poker Apps: For Gamers & People Wanting to Learn

The offline poker category is similar in some of its aspects to the online one, as it is still the same game, but there are some important differences as well. On the fundamental level, the poker offline category can also be divided into two major groups. The first, a much larger one, is the group containing all the different games based on or revolving around poker. We’re talking about games such as Governor of Poker,  where playing poker, usually Texas Hold’em, is an essential part of the game. These games are well suited for poker enthusiasts who aren’t particularly concerned with the overall quality of poker featured in these games. Developers usually put more emphasis on other elements of the game, while the poker playing engine itself is fairly basic. The second group of offline poker software contains applications which actually focus on the game itself and are based on an actual poker playing artificial intelligence. These apps, such as Poker Alfie, are an excellent resource for players wanting to expand their knowledge of the game and become better. The main goal of this software is to actually challenge your poker capabilities and make it as hard as possible to win at the tables, as opposed to a more relaxed atmosphere of the gaming poker apps.

Learn & Win

In the offline vs. online poker discussion, there is no clear winner. It all depends on your particular expectations and goals. Poker offline apps can offer a great entertainment and can help you expand your poker knowledge. Online poker is excellent for playing in a social environment and also for making some money once you feel ready for it.

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