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Top 5 Poker Offline Apps

There are tons of poker apps. Here are the best apps of type Poker Offline to play poker without internet connection.

These are all free poker offline apps

As we've already suggested in some of our articles, offline poker apps aren't particularly popular out there. It seems that online poker rooms and various training software get all the attention, while offline poker solutions are a bit on the sidelines. That said, there are still those who put effort towards developing apps and solutions that aren't oriented towards the play on the internet but are rather designed for players to enjoy on their own, learning some valuable lessons as they go along. After doing some digging, we're bringing you a quick overview of the top 5 offline poker apps we've been able to uncover.

Poker Offline by ZMT Games

Available for Android and iOS devices, Poker Offline is an app allegedly used by more than one million people on a daily basis. The app combines the offline and online experience, offering users a chance to play against each other, but also allowing them to enjoy poker without the internet connection. The app supports two of the most popular modern game variations, Texas Hold'em and Omaha. In the offline mode, this app provides players with an opportunity to test their skills against a sort of artificial intelligence. However, although the graphics and other details are quite nice, Poker Offline is clearly oriented more towards online play (despite the name), while playing against computer doesn't really pose a challenge for any player who isn’t a complete novice still learning the rules.

Live Hold’em Poker Pro by SG

Developed by Scientific Games Interactive, Live Hold’em Poker Pro is another hybrid between online experience and offline poker. Players can play against each other in several different modes (sit & go, shootout, mega shootout, etc.), or test their metal against the AI. As is usually the case with these apps, the artificial intelligence isn’t really up to the task, so the game can become boring fairly quickly if you’re playing against the computer. Available for both iPhones and Androids, Live Hold’em Poker Pro can be fun when played in a social environment, but its offline aspects aren’t on a particularly high level.

Texas Holdem Offline Poker by The Othernet

One of the few apps that really focus on poker offline aspects, Texas Hold’em Offline Poker is an app that sets players against more than 100 different computer- controlled opponents. The developers behind this app certainly put some thought towards creating an interesting and challenging game. Unfortunately, due to complications connected to creating a quality poker AI described in some of our other articles, this app has its limits and they aren’t particularly high. It won’t take long for the players to start noticing patterns in computerized opponents’ play, and most of the time their decisions will be far from optimal. A fun one to be sure if you want to have an offline poker app handy at all times, but hardly much of a challenge.

Offline Poker with AI PokerAlfie by Giletech

The only offline poker app that truly focuses on the quality of play, Giletech’s PokerAlfie represents a next step in the development of artificial intelligence for poker. Without flashy graphics or any in-app purchases, PokerAlfie doesn’t try to get players to buy more chips or click on any ads. The goal of this app is to challenge poker players and give them a run for their (virtual) money. All players start a new hand with the fresh stack of chips and your success is measured by the overall profitability over the total number of hands played. The app is available for Windows and Android phones for the time being. If you’re looking for a light poker app to just mindlessly kill off a couple of hours, there are definitely better choices. If, on the other hand, you want an app that will make you think about your decisions and put forth a real challenge, then PokerAlfie is the way to go. Given the fact it runs on your average handheld device, decisions made by computer opponents are quite surprising (in a good way).

Texas Hold’em Poker Offline

An app that’s basically different from all the other apps described here, Texas Hold’em Poker Offline is an offline poker game that lets you travel across Texas, play in various poker games across the map, until you’ve finally conquered all of the cities. The game emphasizes the overall experience much more than quality poker, so you can expect your opponents to play a type of strategy that’s miles away from optimal. From a purely poker point of view, Texas Hold’em Poker Offline would be a total failure. As a game, however, it does its job pretty well as it can keep you entertained for a while. To be fair, the game doesn’t make any claims about the quality of its AI but rather presents itself for what it is – a fun little game with poker serving as the catalyst for the action and not much more.